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Harry CruzNom: Harry Cruz
Pays: Emirats Arabes
Présentation: I am a Certified Public Accountant by profession. All my life I saw myself not an art person. I believe i did not have an eye for beauty. However, this changed when I I just got hook up with photography when I first touched a Canon 350D from a friend during a Grand Racing Event in Dubai Autodrome(cars are my faves btw). I felt some goosebumps, felt excited and some relaxation and enjoyed sniping eversince. I thought it was a fun hobby. It later on led me to a Nikon D40 then my D80. This is not a cheap hobby but it is exhilarating like doing it with cars. I do hope that by participating in Trek Lens I can improve on my craft like you guys are...

Thanks for your comments in advance.


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