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Djuna IvereighNom: Djuna Ivereigh
Pays: Indonésie
Présentation: I'm a recovering geologist from California, who climbed a tree in Indonesia and never came all the way down. I've been here 9 years but I've still got 18,000 islands left to explore.

My family got me hooked on shooting as a kid. Now I scrape a living out of pictures and writing. My passion is for wild places, but I also enjoy taking control with architectural and studio photography.

Over the last year, a geek friend and I have been inventing a wheel for simple management of complex image collections. I index my photos in category trees right inside Photoshop browser. Online, select images fall into "hotboxes" (featured portfolios), which float front and center above a deep but readily searchable stock catalog.

As I type, the Gathering Light web engine is going through big upgrades, but I'll soon be looking for feedback on it and how you think the engine might best fit the needs of photographers. Links below, but documentation is lacking online so far--it's a bit of a stumble in the dark.

Happy shooting!

Indonesia Wild
images from a fragile archipelago

Indonesia Wild Beta
Runs on a later iteration of the Gathering Light engine. Not yet fully functional. Best under Firefox.

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Gathering Light
a powerful web engine for still and moving images
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