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Marin TimisNom: Marin Timis
Pays: Roumanie
Présentation: First of all i wish to salute every member of TE and wish to y'all a very good and sunny day :)

I am from Arad, Romania and I am in the photography thing from august 2008. Before that i always loved the photography, it always attracted me, but because of my financial status i couldn't pursue this route. So, now, after many many years, i can finally do the thing i love.

As i said, i always watched other people work and i have began to learn things from them, especially members from TE (i'd like to say some names here: codiac, calimero76, scalerman and a few others) and i am not a pro. I have a lot to learn, so i wish if you always give me an advice or two. Critiques are for growing :)

So, see you around and, as someone said, i will invite you to "see the MY WORLD through my lens".

This is my link to TrekEarth
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