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Carlo Ceasar RamaNom: Carlo Ceasar Rama
Pays: Philippines
Présentation: I'm a photography enthusiast, and I just recently started getting serious about it. Ever since I was young, I am fond of taking pictures, checking out some nice views, good angles of taking the shots, great lighting and all that. i treat each picture as an extension of my imagination. i treat picture i took as if i drew it myself, no boundaries.

I am inspired by the creativity of animation, and I try to put it into life by applying it to the pictures i take. I call it "Anime-Photography". One of its kind, and i consider it as my unique style.

"Imagination is not bound to Reality, Reality must be bound to Imagination"

I am looking forward to meeting other photographers and share ideas, brain storm, travel, and jam with location shoot sessions with them.

I am currently using a Nikon D40X Starter kit, along with my wife's Canon Power Shot S5IS. I am aiming on mastering its functionalities, and trying out other lenses (fish eye, telephoto, wide angle), UV filter, as well as putting good lighting.

And hopefully soon, upgrade to a better body (perhaps a D80)
Membre depuis: 2007-12-01
Appareil photographique: Nikon D40X dSLR
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