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Jack McGraneNom: Jack McGrane
Pays: Nouvelle Zélande
Présentation: Hi everyone,

Born in Scotland, lived in South Africa for 12 yrs then moved to New Zealand In 1986. I worked for Rolls-Royce Aero-Engine Division in Scotland then got into armaments manufacturing in South Africa.

I was very keen on photography when I was young and have only recently bought a Pentax DSLR.
I have a slight addiction to sunsets and sunrises and I am trying to widen my subject matter by looking at other people's photos.
I am still finding my way around the TREKLENS site and have really appreciated the kind comments and advice received so far

I would also like to apologizes to those members who take portraits and shots of flowers. I don't have the skills to do portrait photography and don't feel qualified to comment and I am afraid I tend to skip shots of flowers - it must be a 'bloke thing'

I have a great deal of respect for people who used to take real photographs - these days we produce an 'image' as you can fix most things in PS

UPDATE Dec 2012
I certainly have learned a lot on this site thanks to some honest critiques but during recent years I have seen a lot more good photographers leave than have joined - the quality of work has deteriorated in my opinion.

I often wonder why I post on TL because I have a lot of dislikes

a)mutual backslapping
b)the assumption that because "so & so" posted it "it must be good"
c) praise for photos which are fundamentally poor
d) FLOWERS aaaggghhh!!! why so many, they should be banned
e) INSECTS yyuukkk!!!
f) POETRY - why do people have to quote poems - not interested - I am here for the photographs
g) DEDICATIONS - "for So & So" which is followed by a sickly reply
h)INTERESTINGNESS - why post photos that are technically correct if the subject is boring - who wants to look at them
i) POST PROCESSING - some members proudly state "no PP work done" and then post something that is below standard
j)GOODIE GOODIE Brigade - its amazing how narrow minded a lot of TL members are - they can't all be old fuddy-duddies.
k) POINTS - for me VIEWS are more important than points, it means that the photo is interesting enough that some one wanted a closer look - that's why we post them, so people can look at them.
l) CRITIQUES - there are only a few members whose critiques are worth reading. I always open up photos that have an odd number of points - that means that somebody has given a 1-pointer and hopefully an interesting critique.
Its amazing how sensitive some members are and take offense at genuine criticism

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