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Trip Date:2007-09-23 - 2007-10-30
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Countries visited:Inde
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by ludwig Hasal (ludwigxiv) (131)
To get away from it all i spend a few weeks in Varansi, formally known as Benare, the oldest inhabited city in the world, by the ganga river.
Actually i really got away from it all. I was so far away, not only in miles, sometimes it seemed to me as if i had also traveled in time.
The old city of Varanasi is a labyrinth of narrow alleys, hardly broad enough to let a cow fit into them.
I used to play a game called "getting lost" in these narrow alleys. Equipped with my camera i got lost in this labyrinth, only keeping the direction, where the river ganga flows, in mind, to find my way out again.
In this tavelogue i would like to show you what i came across.
I will also add some pictures of delhi, where i spend some days in the area around jama majid.